What Is A Performance Clutch?

What Is A Performance Clutch?

In order to understand what a performance clutch is, it is better that we start with what exactly a simple clutch is. We are aware of clutches in different things all over the house. For example, a chain saw has a clutch and even a yoyo has a clutch. All of us know that there are two types of cars, either manual transmission or automatic transmission. In the manual transmission car, you have more than one clutches whereas this is not the case with an automatic car. 

Clutches usually have two rotating shafts. One of them is operated using a pulley or a motor you can say. And the second shaft is taking the responsibility to drive the device. Now, what the clutch does here, is that it connects both the shafts so they can be joined together and run at the same time and vice versa as well, like they both can be decoupled and run at different speeds. All of these choices depend on the preferences of the person who operates the device. 

A performance clutch involves providing a very high clamping force through the diaphragm spring, on to the pressure plate. They have heavy springs and the discs are made of different materials too and that is why the performance clutches are very good at absorbing heat and not losing their performance at very high temperatures. And because they have heavy springs, more clamping force is a result of that. This makes the clutch less slippery and the ride, in the end, turns out to be a much smoother one then. 

This article is going to highlight some precautions that need to be taken before using a car which involves having more than one clutch, that is a manual transmission car. And those preventatives are to exert full pressure and release the clutch just as you change the gears and also do the same when you have to stop the car. The clutch loses its functionality if the pedal is only half pressed or not pressed with enough power, and so it is left stuck at what to do. These careless moves are the reasons because of which the most wear and tear is done to the honda civic clutch kit then and as a result the clutch loses its essence and is of no use in the car therefore.  

You need a clutch in the car because of the engine running continuously, all the time, and the car’s wheels are constant. Now for a car to slow down and stop, without having any negative effects on the engine, the wheels have to be disconnected from the engine so that it can be decoupled and car can be stopped. Here the clutch is important so that the car stops smoothly and not abruptly


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